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Fierce Females: Turia Pitt

turia pitt1

 A true survivor

If there’s one woman who deserves the Fierce Female title it’s definitely Turia Pitt! A mining engineer with a love of athletics she was tragically trapped in a bushfire in 2011 while competing in the Kimberley 100km ultramarathon and suffered burns to over 60% of her body. Having survived this terrible ordeal Turia has shown nothing but courage and outstanding resilience.

Throughout her road to recovery she’s suffered numerous reconstructive surgeries as well as having to painfully wear a compression body stocking for two years while her skin healed. During time she didn’t just lay down and feel sorry for herself (like I definitely would have), she’s gone on to be a motivational speaker and fundraiser for Interplast, a charity that provides free reconstructive surgery to people in developing countries.

This Sunday I raise my coffee cup to Turia, a woman who has had so much to deal with in such a short life and instead of being beaten down and showing defeat she got back up and showed fierce determination.

turia pitt

Turia is Fierce with a capital F!

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