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  *This post has been sponsored by Glow Station – all opinions are 100% my own.

When I made the decision to head on over to Vegas again in July a colleague made mention that I’ll need to get a spray tan before I go, otherwise I’d scare everyone with my winter paleness. After a good chuckle I agreed but knew I wouldn’t get one as I’m not a fan of that fake tan smell you get with a spray tan. Something about it just lingers in my nostrils and that’s ALL I can smell.

As kismet would have it I received an email a couple weeks later from Jo at Glow Station tanning asking if I’d like to try out their flawless two minute tan and one of the benefits of this new tan was no “I’ve just been tanned” odours. To say I was stunned and felt like I was in a chapter from The Secret was an understatement! Finally the universe was picking up what I was putting down.

glow station price list

I met Jo one Friday, when I skipped out of work at lunch time, and she told me about how she brought the concept of Glow Station tanning to Australia after loving it when she was living in New York, but wasn’t able to find anything like it here. We talked about nightmare tanning stories and I mentioned to her the time I used tanning wipes, which were new and seemed easy enough to use, but I ended up looking like a stripy oompa loompa! A day before attending a wedding, of course.

glow station salon

It really is an awesome idea; you step into an automated booth (think Ross in Friends but without the hilarity!), privately undress and when you’re ready to rock and roll you press a button and get sprayed evenly with a clear solution that dries quickly.

After a funky automated voice tells me to turn, and turn, and turn, AND TURN (two minutes in total) it’s done and I can get dressed immediately! There’s no waiting around waiting to dry or hoping my clothes don’t get tan all over them. It’s that simple!

glow station steps

No, they’re not waltz instructions, just directions on which way to turn for that even, overall tan
glow station2

Before I knew it I was back in the office and nobody knew I was out getting a tan (aside from the fact that I told EVERYONE). The results are gradual so it was a couple of hours before I noticed a difference, so if you’re worried about having to lie to your boss as to why your skipping out they’ll never know! Shhhhhhhh

In regards to the smell I must admit there was a slight aroma of fake tan, but it was only after having been sprayed hours before and it didn’t last all that long. Believe me I wanted there to be a smell, as it was too good to be true, but surprisingly no offensive odour!

glow station3

check out my tan

…And on Saturday I woke up with a fabulously sun-less tan! Mind the selfie shadow, but how great does it look? The tan had lasted for about a week before starting to get patchy, but that’s with having two massages, cupping and twice daily showers after working out throughout that week. That’s fabulous in my books.

It seems like I’ve found a winner with Glow Station so there’s no reason not to get one before I hit the Strip. Melbourne gals, if you’re after a quick and fabulous spray tan then head on over to my pal Jo! She’s located at Shop 17A, 108 Bourke Street and you’ll be in and out before you can say Mississippi.

Are you a fan of spray tans? Do you have a nightmare tanning story like I do?

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  1. I have never had one, a lot of people I know who had them I didn’t like the look of them, it went funny around their hands and fingers and sometimes just looked like they had dipped themselves in henna. I even refused to have it done for our wedding hahaha, luckily I had been getting a bit of vitamin D and wasn’t too pasty, plus make up helps a LOT hahaha.
    This seems to look really natural though, I would consider trying it if I knew it would look natural like that 🙂

    • Hahahahaha oh dear! Yes, I’m the same – I’ve had some terribly bad tans in the past so I was so relieved when this looked natural and people didn’t suspect I had a tan only that I looked “well”.

      • Hahaha does that mean you don’t look well normally with your Casper complection? I have always wanted to try a proper spray tan though. Perhaps I should make it part of my “try something new” resolution for this year haha. Do you know if they have one in Sydney?

      • Hahahaha oh god I hope not! Some of my friends thought I’d been away and another just kept telling me I was glowing (I had to give in and tell her!)
        Not too sure if they have franchised out to Sydney yet but it’s worth a search!

      • Yeah I had a search and it looks like Melbourne is the only place unfortunately. She should look into franchising, she would make serious bank in Sydney!

  2. Thank you so much, I have been looking for a spray tan booth for awhile, I used to use a great one in Docklands then Essendon (not so great, I was patchy for my wedding 🙈).
    Melbourne CBD is so central!

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