Fierce Females: Agnetha & Frida

agnetha & frida

70s chic – such babes!

Benny and Björn may have been the lyrical and melodic geniuses behind those amazingly catchy tunes but it was Agnetha and Frida who ultimately made you fall in love and shake your booty to all those ABBA hits! This dynamic duo (not the last on the list) of fierce females are the original pop divas.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ABBA! They were as much a part of my childhood as Saturday morning cartoons and the never ending quest to obtain lollies were. To this day when I hear Christmas carols I think of ABBA (long story, I may tell you one time over cocktails).

This Sunday I’m popping on my tiara and I AM the dancing queen! Thank you, Agnetha & Frida, for the music *ahem* – you ladies showed me how to pull off wearing blue eye shadow and white satin and have supplied me with karaoke gold for a life time!

agnetha & frida ABBA

Sexy, Swedish Sass!

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