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Fierce Females: Meryl Streep

meryl streep

Meryl Streep, 1979 and now, in the same dress

Can you believe this woman has been nominated for an Academy Award an astonishing 19 times?! 19 fucking times!! If that doesn’t make her a fierce female then I’m handing in my acting card (hey, I went to theatre school!). Meryl Streep has been nominated for more acting awards than anyone EVER. She just exudes emotion and I hate to sound like a thespian wanker, but she is truly an artist and has her craft down pat.

Back when I had dreams of ruling Hollywood Meryl was definitely one of the ladies that I aspired to be. I loved the fact that I knew nothing about her personal life and it wasn’t splashed all over the tabloids. I could get lost in her performances and not have to disassociate her crazy real life antics a la Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan etc.

This Sunday I’d like to thank the Academy Meryl for giving us many fabulous and fierce performances and keeping me entertained throughout the years.

meryl streep laughing

Ugh, I wanna be Meryl when I grow up!

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  1. I love Meryl. I’m not even sure which of her performances is my favourite. I do like her comedic stuff like Devil Wears Prada (which I am sure you are a fan of…), Death Becomes Her and Mamma Mia. But there are so many other awesome ones to choose from!!

  2. Oh I effing LOVE Aunty Meryl! She has been serving cheekbone regal realness since forever and she is such an inspiration. How is she still perfection?! Xo

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