OOTD: An Ode To Eurovision

ootd_an ode to Eurovision4

It’s late May dollfaces, so you know what that means….Eurovision Song Contest time! Now for all the Aussies and Europeans out there you know what I’m talking about but for the American readers out there you may not have heard of the brilliance that is Eurovision. Basically it’s the longest running televised song competition in Europe and every year approximately 25 countries compete to win the coveted prize. It’s how ABBA and Celine Dion got their start!

This year Australia were invited to take part as a wild card entry for it’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Australia isn’t even in Europe, I hear you say, why are they competing? Well duuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr! would be my first answer, and my second would be we love the shit out of it so much we were asked to be a part of the awesomeness.  ootd_an ode to Eurovision9

ootd_an ode to Eurovision2

Every year, as far back as I can remember, we sat down to watch the fabulously tacky and the down-right hilarious entries as a family, hoping Croatia would win (they never have!) As the years have passed the songs have improved (not by much) and the glitz of sequins and taffeta have faded (again, not by much)!

ootd_an ode to Eurovision3

ootd_an ode to Eurovision8

This year I wanted to pay homage to Eurovision in the best way I know how – in an OOTD! What better way to embrace the essence of Euro dance beats then with sequins and neon?! I popped together this ensemble to watch all the action last night and to cheer on Guy Sebastian, oh and to shake my boo-tay!

I teamed these 3/4 white denim Kmart jeans with this fabulous top I scored from TJ Maxx last year. I saw it hanging on the rack and knew it was mine! I love, love, love the green and how it fades out into brown and gold at the bottom.  It’s one of those tops I don’t wear all too often as 1) there haven’t been many occasions to bust out the sequins (I know, for shame!) and 2) it’s a bitch to get on and off!! It must be done slowly and with precision otherwise the sequins cut up my arms so bad it looks like I’ve gone 10 rounds with my cats.

I finished off the outfit with my fave Zara kitten heels and a Francesca’s neon yellow clutch, now I’m ready for a night out in Mykonos.

Finishing off in 5th place – very respectable!
ootd_an ode to Eurovision5 ootd_an ode to EurovisionDid you watch all the action this year? Who were your favourite entries?


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  1. LOVE that top! I usually don’t care for sequins but I’m with you, I love the fading into gold. So pretty. Planning on packing it for Vegas? That baby would shine in the sun haha!

  2. OMFG!!! Why you so fly la?? You look absolutely stunning! I remember when you bought that top- LA right? And the high pony is LIFE. Tell me more about how you’re giving me the shoes and purse- betta throw the bangle in too. Daaaang mama! You look incredible and I luhh you. I also love the eleganza of Eurovision- remember watching it in Lorne and wondering if it was actually just Euro-porn with more sequins? Xo

  3. Oh man this throws me back, I was so excited when Australia got invited to Eurovision…even though we aren’t part of Europe. I mean I guess that’s pretty cool just in itself isn’t it? Eurovision starts tonight actually, I’ve got it taped and ready to watch!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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