30-Day Wardrobe Challenge! Day 1: Bright Colour Combo

day 1_bright colour combo

Back in December 2013 I set myself an “outfit challenge” where over the course of a week I wore a colour of the rainbow each day – the Sing A Rainbow challenge! I found it to be so much fun and it allowed me to shop my wardrobe and find items I didn’t even remember I had.

Since then I’ve been looking for a new wardrobe challenge and nothing really fit the bill until now…
day 1_bright colour combo2

I saw Who What Wear’s 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge at the end of last year and have been holding on to this idea ever since. I love the notion of a daily “uniform” and having instructions on what to wear, although some of the instructions are a little out of my comfort zone!

What better time to start than the first day of winter?! So for the whole month of June I’ll be bringing you pics from the 30-Day Challenge. I’ll be keeping it simple with minimal commentary (although you all know I love to gasbag!) and have the photos tell the story. So without further ado, onto day one and what a fabulous way to start…

Day 1: Wear a Bright Colour Combo –

day 1_bright colour combo3Dress: Tapered Pencil Dress from Dorothy Perkins via The Iconic Handbag: Colette (similar here) Scarf: Drunk on Water Shoes: Kmart (old)

Do you like the idea of a wardrobe challenge? Will you be playing along at home? If so let me know so I can follow along!


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  1. Oh my god but it’s freezing today!! Of course you look hot, but I hope you have a massive coat and cardy hiding somewhere out of shot! Unless, of course this was from a while ago…

  2. Looking AMAZING boo dang!! That tan, that perfect bob and all that colour… look so good I want to sop you up with a biscuit! What an awesome idea- I can’t wait for the rest of the challenge! Xo

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