Fierce Females: Dannii Minogue

dannii minogueMs. Dannii!

I have mentioned my love for my childhood hero, Ms. Minogue (the best Minogue*ahem*), on more than one occasion. Dannii was the coolest girl I “knew” who got to sing and dance on TV – talk about a dream come true! Each Sunday night I’d fight with my dad over control of the TV – he wanted to watch boring 60 Minutes, while I wanted to watch the coolest show going round; Young Talent Time!

Those days are long gone but I still admire the shit out of Dannii. She’s a singer-songwriter, a fashion designer (I love her range at Target!), an actress and currently a judge on Australia’s The X-Factor – talk about a busy lady. She’s also smokin’ hot and loves her sister dearly – something I can relate to (the sister bit, not the smokin’ hot bit LOL!!).

This Sunday I gaze upon my disco ball and toast this li’l pocket rocket – thanks for the years of dance hits!

dannii minogue_white gownSo much love (+ kisses) for this doll!


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