OOTD: A Short Winter

ootd_a short winter3

So yes, I’m back from Vegas, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the fabulousness of the trip just yet and I need another week to process the sheer amazing time I had!! I promise I’ll update you all with pics and tales of rock n’ roll next week, but for now you’ll have to put up with an outfit post – I’m sure you can all deal with that.ootd_a short winter5

ootd_a short winter7

While packing all my lovely summer outfits for my trip I realised how many cute little pieces never see the light of day during winter because it’s so damn cold (I kid you not, this morning there was frost on my wind shield AND condensation on the INSIDE of my wind shield – WTF?).

After completing my 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge and winterizing my fave summer skirt I realised I could do the same with my skorts I bought last summer at Kmart. And what better way to winterize them than to add a burst of colour with some purple tights?! They’re a fun break from my usual black that I live in all winter long. ootd_a short winter2

ootd_a short winter4

This way I can kinda pretend I’m still in 40C weather (oh, who am I kidding??). I can’t quite fathom that I’m back already and my regular routine has set in. I think I’m going to have to start planning a little weekend getaway to help get me through my blues.

How do you get over your post-holiday blues?ootd_a short winter6

Top/Skorts/Boots/Hat: Kmart, Tights: Sportsgirl, Vest: Jay Jays, Scarf: H&M

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  1. The purple tights are awesome! I now want to go out and buy bright colored tights. I would have to wait for cooler weather though. I’m in the middle of hell…I mean, summer right now. Lol

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