Fierce Females: Betsey Johnson

betsey johnson quote

Can I get an amen?!

Is there any other fashion designer so over the top and so fabulously girly as Betsey Johnson? Not only is she a cool cat that hung out in the Warhol crowd (that alone is super fierce in my books) but do you know anyone else that finishes off their fashion shows with a cartwheel?!!

What I love most about Betsey is that she doesn’t allow age to dictate her fashion sense or style, she’s 72 and still manages to dress like a bad-ass, I mean check out the pic below. Yet another older fierce female that I aspire to be in my later years! She’s also won my heart with her use of polka dots in her designs, check out how cute this top is!

This Sunday I’m popping on my pink tutu (I don’t have one, which is a crime) and cartwheeling down the street for Betsey Johnson!

betsey johnsonEverything about this photo is so much YAAAAAAAS!

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  1. YES! YES! YES! Love Betsey Johnson. Can’t afford any of her stuff but I adore her spunky spirit! She was great on Dancing With The Stars no matter what her scores were! 🙂

  2. If Betsey Johnson, Kate Spade, and Steve Madden had a baby, and that baby was actually a bag, and that bag had a price tag on it, I would actually THROW my money at it.

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