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Lip Rock: Metallic Lip Foil Review

lip rock lip stickers3

Oy vey!… why don’t I ever learn from prior beauty fuck ups? OK, let me start from the start. I’ve been on a quest to find glitter lipstick or basically anything that’ll make my lips sparkle, you know, next level lipstick! I had seen some kind of lipstick/glitter combo from MAC and desperately wanted it, so when I was in the States in July I scoured MAC and Sephora and I kept drawing blanks. All the sales people looked at me like I had a booger on my chin – basically they thought I was on crack and never heard of it! WHAT?!

lip rock lip stickersNot one to be discouraged I searched online for something that would fit the bill and I came across these Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils. How gorgeous and perfect do they look? RIGHT?! So Iย immediately bought a pack from Priceline and eagerly awaited their arrival…I mean I even paid for express postage so they arrived sooner.

So they arrived and I ripped open the pack (after I took pics, obvs!) and thought “this is too easy”. Basically you paint on the glue, kinda like eyelash glue, and wait til it goes clear and tacky and apply the foil side down onto your lip and press hard and rub in the foil and apparently voila – awesome lips like the pic. This is what happened for me….

lip rock lip stickers_lip stripNADA!! Not even a tiny speck of foil was left on my lips!!! Just some gross glue and aching lips….

liprock lip stickers_rosies lips

lip rock lip stickers_rosies not happy

What the actual fuck Lip Rock?! This is twice now you’ve burnt me. I know I know, what’s that saying; Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Well dollface, I have been shamed! Never again will I purchase anything from this naff company! That’s $5.50 (plus express post delivery) well and truly wasted! And even now as I’m writing this post my lips are still aching hours later after ripping off the glue – OUCHIES!

OK peeps, hit me with your best glitter lipstick. I’m still jonesing for a fix of fabulousness.

liprock lip stickers2

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  1. Oh no! How disappointing! Although, I give you props for always being willing to try new things – I am far more pessimistic than that haha. Or I just wait for my fave beauty bloggers (i.e. including you) to try stuff for me!! I just started to attempt nail art foils that I got off eBay. I think it’s a similar concept (but luckily I’m doing OK with them for now)!! x

    • Hahahaha thanks Kez! I actually love taking the risks and trying these out because you never know if you stumble upon something really awesome. Alas in this case it was a big fat dud ๐Ÿ™‚
      What brand of nail foil did you get?

  2. First of all I want to say even if you hate them, you still look so cute! Never heard of this brand and the product. A but interesting. But after reading this and seeing your photos I don’t think I would ever want to try it.

  3. Ouch! Revlon used to do a product called Sugar Lips a few years ago. You put your lipstick on first, then apply it over, giving the appearance of sparkles. I loved it and wish they would do it again!

  4. Oh that sucks! Big time! I would be wanting a refund, I get it is not a huge amount of money, but it is the principle of the thing! Not one part of the advertised product worked, I mean really, the glue didn’t even stick one thing to another which is pretty much the purpose of glue right?!

  5. OMG this is absolute f*ckery! How dare they?! You should definitely complain! URGH! A great alternative is to use sparkly loose pigment on top of lipstick. The MAC pigment pots are pricey but they will last you 4080 years. So yah, apply your lippie and then use a clear gloss or balm in the centre of your lips. Then dip a finger in the glitter/sparkle pigment powder and lightly press. VOILA! xo

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