Fierce Females: Pink

pink!Pretty in Pink!

I must admit when Pink first hit the scene back in the early 2000s I was not a fan. I think it was the combo of brash lyrics and big attitude that got under my skin, but the more I listened to her songs and learned more about her I found that she really is a bad ass fierce female! In fact her bold and big attitude is why I absolutely love her today.

With her fabulously powerful voice it’s no wonder that she’s managed to snag a swag of awards throughout the years but the one I was most intrigued to learn about was that she won a Helpmann Award which is for “artistic achievement and excellence in Australia’s live performing arts sectors”. In 2009 she performed a total of a whopping 58 shows around the country to an audience of approx. 600,000 – that’s like one in 40 Australians! WTAF?!

This Sunday I hope to get the party started and raise my glass (sorry, couldn’t help myself) to Pink; ballsy, opinionated and unapologetic!


Ms Alecia Moore

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  1. I was the same, not impressed at first. But it was her honesty and attitude that won me over long before her music did. She rocks.

  2. I love Pink! Definitely a favourite artist of mine and her lyrics are amazing. Many of her songs just get you right in the feels!
    She is also completely gorgeous and I am very jealous of how she can wear short hair and her perfect teeth!!

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