Fierce Females: Sarah Jessica Parker

SJPSmokin’ SJP!

Aaaaaaah can we just stop for a second and take in how fabulous and simply fierce Queen SJP is?! I know some of you may have been thinking “jeez Rosie, 2015 is almost coming to a close, where the hell is Sarah Jessica Parker in your Fierce Females list?” Well sometimes you just have to save the best for last!

Before SJP was gracing our small screens with the other amazing ladies in Sex And The City she actually stole my heart (and dance moves) in a little ol’ movie in 1984 called Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I watched this movie to death when I was a kid and dreamed of being on Dance TV. Years later when I discovered SATC I just knew I’d be a huge fan simply because she was the star. The show really cemented my love of fashion and NYC.

As well as being a fabulous comedic actress she’s also an amazing fashionista and even has her own shoe line at Nordstrom and not to mention a fragrance line (Lovely is my fave just FYI).

This Sunday I raise my faux Jimmy Choo’s and toast SJP, thanks to her I’ll be reaching for Carrie Bradshaw realness for the rest of my life

SJP hat

So much sass!

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  1. FIERCE!! YAAAASSS you know how I love SJP and I want to be the black Carrie Bradshaw! Standing outside her apartment in NYC with you was one of the highlights of my life ♥♥♥

  2. OMG! I watched ‘Girls just want to have fun’ sooooooo many times. LOVED it! Might try and track it down on DVD. Love SJP. Love SATC.

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