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Fierce Females: Anjelica Huston

angelica houstonFiiiiiiiiiiiiierce

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Anjelica Huston! If you’re roughly the same age as me you may fear this Fierce Female after growing up watching her in The Witches, but fear not as this member of Hollywood royalty is nothing short of fabulous! She’s a three-time Academy Award winner and is the third generation of Huston to win the coveted award after her father and grandfather – what a bad ass!

 With those absolutely striking features she started off as a model in the late 60s and 70s and eventually drifted into acting in the 80s, and thank god she did as she has played some amazing roles throughout her career – Morticia Addams anyone?!

In a world that bows down to conventional beauty, this Sunday I toast Anjelica Huston – an unconventionally gorgeous woman who has fierce confidence and made her quirkiness work for her!

“I remember overhearing a conversation between my mother and father…to the effect that Anjelica wasn’t going to be a beauty. My way of dealing with that, even then, was: I’m going to make myself beautiful. I might not have physical perfection, but I’m going to think myself into being beautiful.”

angelica houston_nowStunning beauty!

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