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Qsilica: Natural Is The New Black


**This post has been sponsored by Qsilica – all opinions are 100% my own**

At this time of year it always feels like my health and wellness regime just flies out the window! There’s always a little too much food and booze and general merriment happening which is fine and dandy, but what isn’t is having my skin suffer from neglect. A healthy diet and regular exercise are definite essentials for looking and feeling fabulous, however the body’s largest organ—the skin—also needs daily attention with the right products to get glowing. Unfortunately my good genes don’t always extend to radiant skin, that’s where Qsilica comes in and saves the day!

Family-owned company Planet Health launched its award-winning skin, hair and nails brand Qsilica, in 2006.  Qsilica products are proudly Australian made with premium ingredients and the entire range is vegetarian-friendly with no animal testing. What’s not to love about all natural ingredients?!

Qsilica_Intensive Facial Oil

RESTORE Intensive Facial Oil combines natural oils like almond and Rosehip and feels so gorgeous and soothing on my poor dry skin. Even though it’s an oil it’s very fast absorbing which is great as I don’t leave my pillow slips looking like a hot mess (the struggle for fab skin is real!). I absolutely love a good facial oil and this one doesn’t disappoint! I like to slather this on just before bed and let the fabulous ingredients like Vitamins A and E work their magic overnight.

Qsilica_paw paw rescue ointmentRESCUE Paw Paw Ointment is really an essential for every girl to have in her handbag! It’s an all-natural multipurpose balm which works wonders on chapped lips and dry cuticles (two of my favourite uses). It contains fermented paw paw extract with mineral silica, shea butter, beeswax, macadamia oil, and calendula extract – all the ingredients for super soft skin! It’s so fabulous that it was voted ‘Best Lip Balm’ at the UK’s Beauty Shortlist 2014 Awards!

Do you find you skin suffers at this time of year more than others? What are your go-to beauty essentials to help you get through the silly season?

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