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Fierce Females: Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe_colourBreathtaking!

Could there have been a more famous blonde bombshell than Marilyn Monroe? A true pop culture icon Ms Norma Jeane was the epitome of sex and managed to fool a lot of people with her “dumb blonde” façade.

We’ve all heard about her high profile marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, the memorable white dress scene from The 7 Year Itch and there was that famous birthday tribute to JFK but what most people don’t know is that MM had a very sad and abusive childhood. Although she was one of the biggest stars of the 50s she was paid a pittance and fought to have that changed along with her ditzy characters she was typecast into playing. This fierce female opened her own production company to combat all that, Marilyn Monroe Productions, and was well on her way to becoming a bad-ass businesswoman.

Alas, her life came to an abrupt end at the age of 36 from an overdose, or if you a conspiracy theorist, the CIA had her bumped. Either way the world lost a true star that day and over 50 years later we’re still mesmerised by her awesomeness.

marilyn monroe_laughing

Simply gorgeous

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