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A Photo An Hour: 6 Months On…

About six months ago now I shared with you a little glimpse into a day in the life of Rosie. I had a great response from everyone and ever since then I wanted to do a follow up post but truth be told every weekend seemed to look like the last and let’s face it, how many photos of laundry and housework can you make look interesting??

Yesterday I took the opportunity on my first day of Christmas hols (woohoo!) to photograph my day. I had a few errands to run and also got in a sufficient amount of couch time (I am on break after all!). So without further ado, here’s another day in the life…six months on.a photo an hour_1_brekky

9:30am – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all. 

a photo an hour_2_coffee break

10:30 – After a quick dash to the shops which resulted in no purchases a coffee was definitely in order.

a photo an hour_3_jas

11:30 – Took mum’s old boy to the cat groomers to get his “suit” taken care of. Poor bugger didn’t like the cage very much and he reminded me of a prisoner. 

a photo an hour_4_allergies

12:30pm – Alas having to hold a cat being shaved my allergies kicked in and I started to break out in hives so I had to take one of these to get rid of them! 

a photo an hour_5_chrissie presents

1:30om – A quick lunch and then some wrapping of presents.

a photo an hour_6_wayward pines

2:30pm – Some much needed couch time was in order and I finished up the series Wayward Pines….mmmmmm Matt Dillon! Anyone else watch this show? Thoughts please!

a photo an hour_7_book and snack

4:30pm – A little nap (no photo taken haha!) I had to switch off the idiot box and make a snack and started my new summer read.

a photo an hour_8_dinner prep

5:30pm – An early start to dinner makes life easier a little later on.

a photo an hour_9_HIIT

6:30pm – Heading off to a sweaty HIIT session.

a photo an hour_10_chocolates

7:30pm – What’s the point of a work out if you can’t enjoy chocolate?! 

Has everyone managed to get all their Christmas shopping done? I still have a few more presents to buy and today I’m making a start at buying food in preparation for Christmas lunch. I dare say there’ll be plenty of coffee and maybe a few tears shed if I can’t get most if it bought today!

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