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joico_tint shot

**This post has been sponsored by JOICO – all opinions are 100% my own**

At this time of year there are so many catch ups with friends and family that a gal wants to look her fiercest. You want everyone to think you’ve just spent a day treating yourself at a day spa and not napping for 3 hours on the couch in between watching the entire season of Wayward Pines and eating enough chocolate to keep Cadbury afloat for the next year *ahem, no? Just me?!*

As a member of the peroxide brigade I schedule salon visits in for every 8 weeks to keep my locks looking fab, but as anyone who colours their hair knows, those pesky roots will undoubtedly come through. In the last few weeks before my salon visits I secretly hope nobody notices how bad they’re getting and spritz some dry shampoo on them in the hopes that the white will blend in and dull the dark roots coming through. As you can guess that isn’t the best solution as my hair isn’t white and the blend is anything but perfect.

When JOICO asked if I wanted to try out their new Tint Shot Root Concealer I jumped at the chance as I am only days away from seeing my hairdresser but I still want to look my blonde-bombshell cutest.
joico_before & after shots

Just like dry shampoo all you need to do is shake up the can and spray onto your roots and watch the magic take place! At first I was sceptical as you can’t see the product as it’s being applied, but within a couple of minutes it starts to show up and amazingly my roots started to disappear. As you can see in the pics, above, it’s not a complete cover up (nothing but good ol’ bleach will do that!) but it’s a fabulous dupe!

The best part is it dries instantly and doesn’t feel greasy or powdery and lasts until your next shampoo. It’s a big call, but I think this is my favourite product of 2015!!

joico_tint shot_bldone

JOICO Tint Shots retail for $25.95 and are available in four different shades; black, dark brown, light brown and blonde.

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