OOTD: Tutu Fabulous!

ootd_tutu fabulous3

It seems like a thousand years ago now but back in 2013 I posted (badly!) about how much I wanted to buy a tutu and whether or not I could get away with wearing one. I definitely blame the likes of SJP in the opening credits of Sex and the City for making me want one for the longest time!! In my post I pondered whether it was tutu much (see what I did there?) for a gal in her 30s to wear one on a regular night out and by the looks of these pics I think the answer is HELL YES SHE CAN!!

ootd_tutu fabulous

I’ve been on the lookout for a tutu ever since that post and haven’t been able to find one that was just right. All of them seemed to be too long or too frou-frou (if that can even be a thing!) until I was in H&M in Melbourne for the first time over my summer break and I quite literally stumbled upon this fabulous find. I had all but given up on my tutu quest when I locked eyes on it and almost squealed in delight. And you can bet the $15 price tag helped a hell of a lot too!

With the purchase of this amazing tutu I feel like I finished off 2015 with all my goals complete! Did you manage to kick all your goals? What’s in store for 2016? I guess I should start thinking about mine now that the calendars ticked over.

ootd_tutu fabulous2

ootd_tutu fabulous4

Top: Kmart, Tutu: H&M, Shoes: Chinese Laundry

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  1. The tutu suits you! Carrie in SATC wears some stylish clothes – I focused on her wardrobe far more than the actual show.

    My daughter has at least three of these skirts and they were purchased from H&M!

  2. That is tutu fabulous! I know exactly what you mean by frou frou and this isn’t too much at all, it is the perfect amount of frou 🙂
    Thanks for my chrissy card by the way. It was the only one I got 🙂

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