Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: Abba.

As some of you may know I started a new series last Sunday called “Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to my Life” in which I’ll be sharing my fave bands and singers and little titbits as to why I adore them (it’s not always about the long hair and leather pants ok!).

This idea really resonated with Ana, a fellow Aussie blogger who also happens to be a mad music fan. We’d “met” each other through our blogs but we met in real life briefly at an Evan Dando gig here in Melbourne – MUSIC LOVERS UNITE!

Ana loved the notion of documenting music that had made a difference in her life too, and I wanted to share with you all her first post from last Sunday. She writes a hell of a lot more eloquently than I ever could and really pinpoints the magic that music can bring. I think my favourite line from her post is: “the words and tunes spoke for me when I couldn’t find the words, they painted my dreams in vivid and loud colour.” Right?!

Check it out….

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  1. Aw, thank you. Wish our Melbourne meet ‘n greet had been a bit longer though. Your brilliant idea has me excited about blogging again. xxx

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