Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Chris Isaak

chris isaak

Mmmmm baby did a bad, bad thing indeed!

One thing we need to get out of the way first off this week is that I’m not the hugest fan of ballads**. Crazy, I know, as most everyone loves a good old fashioned love song. One of the things that bonds us as humans is the fact that we’ve all loved, we’ve all lost and we all appreciate when someone’s heart has been crushed and sets it to an amazing beat. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have some loud, jangly guitars and booming drums than a whiny snivelling love song (I’m looking at you Adele! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN). If we must talk about one’s heartbreak couldn’t we set it to some amazing synth or an eight minute sax solo??

There are many exceptions to my lack of love for the ballad as, of course you know, I love my boy bands (ballad central!) and hey, I’m a complex and interesting creature so of course I can change my mind many thousand times a day! So all my ramblings fly out the window with this week’s Sunday Sessions entry, Chris Isaak!

Ever since I heard Somebody’s Crying back in 1995 I was hooked to his melancholy tunes of love and heartache. There was something so heartbreakingly beautiful about that song that resonated in my little 15 year old soul. And like all good teenagers who discover music for themselves I thought I was super cool and couldn’t understand why other kids my age didn’t appreciate his fabulousness (hello, grunge era). His mix of old school 50s rock, rockabilly chic and ridiculously handsome good looks easily captured my young heart. I was enthralled by his signature sound of beach-y, California vibes and rock and roll which I had never really heard before.

chris isaak_mirrorball suit

My sister may have manhandled his butt in this suit –  that’s for the lawyers to decide!

Chris came to prominence in the 80s with his huge hit Wicked Game and caused a stir with the video clip with him cavorting in the surf with a very gorgeous Helena Christiansen. You can bet your sweet ass I taped that video and watch it over and over again!! I’ve managed to see him in concert a handful of times throughout the years and have even danced with him on stage (hey, y’all know I’m a rock star!) and he knows how to wow the audience. Alas with his recent stint on The X Factor here is Oz his popularity has grown and I’ve missed out on a meet and greet ticket for his tour in May (Grrrrrrrrrr! Where were you all back in the 90s? HA!).

To pinpoint a favourite song of his is a toughy, sure I could share Somebody’s Crying as it was the song that introduced me to his awesomeness. Then there’s Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing or Blue Hotel, great tunes but y’all know them already. Instead I give you this little sweet ditty… Happy Sunday dollface!

**the power ballad, on the other hand, is a different category of its own and of course I love THAT shit!

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  1. Love this one. Not sure if he would make my list but I have a very soft spot for his very early album San Fransisco Days. It was one of three cassettes we had to choose from for six whole months while we were in Europe on our honeymoon. It was him or Pink Floyd and he won easily! So his voice always reminds me of my honeymoon, but unfortunately hubby always went with The Floyd so that does even more! 😉

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