Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Blondie


Parallel Lines line-up

If you’re a regular A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe reader you know that last year’s Sunday series featured all my favourite and fabulous Fierce Females and the first cab off the rank was none other than Deborah Harry. I love Debbie’s punk rock attitude and as the front woman of Blondie she epitomised the 70s and 80s new wave scene.

I “discovered” Blondie when I was about 16 when a friend of mine told me about how he’d heard Heart of Glass on the golden oldies radio station and he was suddenly obsessed. From that moment on we became die-hard devotees. As a band that started in the 70s in NYC Blondie have that hard-ass, angst-y punk edge yet they’re also completely pop at the same time. I love that their songs range from rock to disco to rap and reggae, a true eclectic sound!

When you’re a kid that loves old, defunct bands you never dream that they’ll suddenly reform AND tour again so when Blondie reformed back in 1997 I was beside myself with excitement. The first time I saw the new line-up was at the Falls Festival in 1998 and I’d never been so crushed at a concert in my life! Why didn’t somebody warn me that standing against the barriers at a music festival when you’re a shorty is a bad idea? Hundreds of crowd surfers (do idiots still do this?!) landed on my head and during most of their set and eventually the security team had to pull me out as I was NOT coping! Thankfully I’ve managed to see them 4 more times throughout the years which has made up for it. There’s nothing like seeing Debbie singing live all while dancing ever so horribly in her own special way.

blondie 80s


Trying to pick a favourite Blondie song is a tough call. There are so, so many spanning their 40 year history and 10 albums. I’m a little bit weird in that I’m not usually a huge fan of a bands biggest hit (think Love Shack by the B-52s or Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.) and love the obscure gems found on the album. Anyone else? So here’s one of my faves from the 1979 album Eat to the Beat…enjoy and happy Sunday!

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  1. Definitely, Blondie is awesome, and Debbie was my very first girl crush way back when. The combination of their music and her fierce coolness is hard to beat. x.

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