OOTD: Queen Of Summer

ootd_queen of summer7

Summer is here is full swing Down Under and the saddest part of all is that I’m yet to go to the beach! WTF?! It really is a travesty and I’m not happy about it at all. I know most of you think us Aussies practically live on the beach like an episode of Home and Away but unfortunately that’s not the case! It just feels like every weekend has been taken up by some other funsies that I just don’t have a couple of hours to get away to swan about on the beach, and if I do the weather has turned, in true Melbourne fashion, into arctic conditions. WELL, that needs to change pronto now that I have this superb beach outfit ready to go.

ootd_queen of summer_collage

Over the Christmas break I was out at my local shopping centre, home to the second best Kmart, and happened to snap up a bargain pair of sunnies from Sussan’s (sorry not in this post but will no doubt crop up somewhere) where I saved $10 off the sale price. With that $10 I marched right over to Best & Less and scored a new bikini – YES FOR $10!! If you squint and tilt your head to the side like one of those bad 90s 3D pictures you may see through the kaftan.

So with a new pair of shades and a bikini I obviously needed a kaftan to finish off my beach-wear ensemble (thank you Kmart!) and then it hit me. I would rule the beach with this outfit…I’d be the QUEEN of summer!

ootd_queen of summer2

Look, this headband may have been in the kids section of the accessory rack BUT I feel like I could totally rock this on a night out or a Monday morning when I’m not coping and need a little pick me up! I was going to hand it over to my nieces after this photo shoot but I think I’ll be holding onto it just a little bit longer… for therapeutic reasons obvs!

ootd_queen of summer

ootd_queen of summer8

Kaftan, slides and headband all from Kmart

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  1. You’d better rock that crown every day for a week and if Bossman says anything just shout “BOW DOWN.” This outfit is so fun, flirty and cute! I love it! When are you going to make it to the beach pumpkin? LOL I was always devvo that Aussie life wasn’t all beaches and barbies xx

    • Hahahahaha I would love to see Bossman’s face when I tell him to bow down, he’d just give me major side eye and then laugh it off LOL! Alas, not too sure when the next beach adventure will be, perhaps in the next couple of weeks…fingers crossed xo

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