Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – New Kids On The Block

new kids on the block

Fan-girling so hard right now!

Picture it – it’s 1991, way before online ticket sales, and New Kids On The Block announce their first Australian tour. Bass (remember them, pre-Ticketek days) declare that tickets will go on sale on a Saturday to avoid swarms of girls wagging school to buy tickets. Imagine it, it’s like Beatle-mania but with out the mop tops. My fabulous bro takes 11 year old Rosie to line-up amongst the crazed girls to buy me tickets to my very first concert EVER and for the next six months until the concert I can’t sleep from sheer excitement and anticipation.

YES dollface, I’m an out and proud Blockhead and have loved the 5 bad brothers from beantown land since about grade 4 when I saw Donnie warble away in You Got It (The Right Stuff). They appeared at just the right time in my life, when hormones were beginning to kick in and I was in need of pure pop explosion!

To say I was obsessed with NKOTB would be a huge understatement. My world was fully consumed by Joe, Donnie, Danny, Jordan and Jonathan and I would create fantasies in which they’d invite me on stage to dance with them and hang out and possibly write a song about me (hey I was a kid, my fantasies were all clean!). I would collect posters and trading cards and ANYTHING that had their faces on it. I remember begging mum to give me money for a biography on them from the school book club and being ecstatic that she caved and forked over the cash. I would learn their dance routines and listen to the same song over and over again so I’d learn the lyrics.

Ultimately, as is the fate of all good boybands, they faded from the spotlight in early high school just in time for grunge to take over my life. At the time I was devastated and had to keep that shit to myself because I couldn’t let the cool people know that I still held a torch for the “uncool” pop band! Over the years I haven’t really listened to them all too much **cough LIES cough** but when I hear a song on the radio or TV my heart skips a beat for my boys. When they reunited and brought their NKOTBSB tour Down Under with Backstreet Boys I was right there amongst the crazed girls chanting along to all the songs! And you just know that I’m all over Rock This Boat and secretly hope they’ll feature me in the new series.

new kids on the block tee

Totally had this tee back in the day…in fact I think I still do somewhere!

Now to try and find a favourite song is hangin’ tough! So, so many catchy pop tunes to choose from and I think it would be a tie between Tonight and this one…. enjoy and happy Sunday.

P.S. I still love the shit out of you Joey McIntyre and my fantasies aren’t so clean anymore!!

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