OOTD: Kimono Remix

ootd_kimono remix_6

I cannot believe it’s been two years since I first featured this fabulous leopard print kimono in an OOTD, and what’s worse, it’s probably been just as long since I’ve worn it! I know, I know, I have way too many pieces in my repertoire if I can easily forget about what I own. I blame it on my wardrobe being too small and I just can’t SEE everything that’s in there. Perhaps another cull is in order, or more realistically I need to get a better sorting system in place. Either way there is a shopping ban coming on, more of that later!

ootd_kimono remix_4

What I find interesting is that for a very simple OOTD the original post still manages to get daily views. So that got me wondering, is it the leopard print or the kimono that people are drawn to? I like to think it’s the leopard print and that there’s a little bit of a New Jersey housewife in all of us that just loves to drape ourselves in it. I’m a definite sucker for the print as is evident in this post, and this one and this one!

ootd_kimono remix_1

ootd_kimono remix_3

As it was a while since I’d worn the kimono I thought it would be a perfect chance to rip it out and wear it to the tennis over the weekend. I teamed it with some new red shoes and just love the combination of the two. I also like the way this kimono can transform a simple jeans and tee look into something a touch more glam, dare I say 80s rock star chic?

ootd_kimono remix_2

Jeans, Shoes & Bags: Kmart, Kimono: Cotton On

Also, as today IS Australia Day I thought I’d throw back to these lamington pancakes I made last year. They are easy and ever so yummy…try them out and let me know what you think.

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