Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Alice In Chains

alice in chains

Can you feel the 90s angst?!

When you’re an angst filled teenager is there anything better than listening to some loud guitars and growling vocals? You may ask how I can go from fun and fabulous boy bands one week to dirty, rocking grunge the next? Well, being a teenager of the 90s will do that to you! The Seattle sound came through like a tidal wave in the early to mid 90s and hit me hard. At a time when there was a sea of Eurotrash bland pop and hip hop groups it was the “new” grunge sound that stood out and no other band stood out more than Alice in Chains.

The band formed in 1987 and came to fame in the early 90s with the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Although they were tagged as grunge AIC were a lot heavier than their contemporaries. The best way I can describe their sound is lots of loud, fuzzy guitars mixed with a huge rhythm section and then interspersed with gorgeous thick harmonies. In fact it’s their distinct vocals that make them so fabulous thanks to singer, Layne Staley, and guitarist, Jerry Cantrell. AIC’s songs dealt with issues like drugs, depression and suicide which were all drawn from Staley’s personal life. He subsequently went on to die from a heroin overdose in 2002 and was eventually replaced by William Duvall, who is great BUT he ain’t no Layne Staley! I remember hearing the news of his death while I was living in Japan and I was gutted as I knew I’d never be able to see his amazing talent in concert for myself.

alice in chains dirt

An amazing album!

It’s always a tough choice having to choose these songs for my Sunday Sessions! I was thinking about starting a Spotify mix with all of these songs – is that something people would listen to? Anway, I digress, this is one of my all time favourite Alice in Chains songs and probably one of their “lighter” tunes….enjoy!

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  1. It’s funny, they were one of the few bands around that time that I just never listened to. But I do remember reading about them a lot. Might be time to check it out! X.

  2. I found AiC after Layne died but I love what I’ve heard, Top class metal/grunge but obviously tinged with sadness because of circumstances and two of the band lost to drugs (Mike Starr too, original bassist).

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