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Babs Bodycare Deodorant Crème Review

babs deodorant creme_2

 **This post has been sponsored by Babs Bodycare – all opinions are 100% my own. **

One thing you should all know about me is I stink! I’ve told you all before that I sweat probably more than the average bear and sometimes if it’s been a particularly hot day I have to question whether I remembered to put on deodorant that morning! And don’t get me started on how bad it is after a work out, sweet baby cheeses, it’s a stench that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!!

OK, this may be a slight exaggeration, but it is pretty terrible. So much so that I’ve had to change up my deodorant brand a few years ago to see if that would solve it. I felt like I’d built up a tolerance to one so I needed to shock my sweat glands with a new formula and so far so good BUT now I think I’ve found the holy grail of deodorants!

First off, I always use a spray and haven’t used a roll on since puberty and have never even heard of a cream deodorant let alone tried one, so when the lovely peeps at Babs Bodycare asked if I’d like to try their Deodorant Crème I was super intrigued. I was very sceptical and didn’t think this would work as I thought the crème would be super slimy and leave me feeling sticky but after putting it through its paces it truly has been a hero. For the last week I’ve been wearing it daily and it’s held up on a normal 9-5 work day which is great but here’s where it was a true champ; after a tough circuit workout on Sunday, where the temps were quite warm in Melbourne, I came out smelling daisy fresh which is absolutely unheard of! I usually come out reeking so bad that I could kill a small child but not this day, I actually still smelt citrusy sweet – WTF?!

Aside from the magical unicorn hair that MUST be in it, Babs Deodorant Crème only contains 100% natural and certified organic ingredients like coconut oil, shea and cacao butters and  sodium bicarbonate. All you need is a small dollop of paste and rub that into your pits and you’re good to go and kick B.O. in the nuts! And THE very best thing is that Babs Bodycare are a Melbourne based company – hurrah for local businesses! I know it’s only February but I think I’ve found my favourite for 2016!

babs deodorant creme_1

Have you tried a crème deodorant before? What did you think?

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