If You Got a Bra-blem, Yo I’ll Solve it!

home is where the bra comes off

I don’t know about you ladies but as soon as I walk through the door at the end of the day the first thing I do is take my bra off. Sure I love my girls to be sitting upright and bright but sometimes they just need to hang loose and be free! More often than not my bras ARE comfortable but there are one or two that make me suffer – I’m looking at your strapless bra (anyone else hate their strapless bras?!)

As I’ve always said “a good bra is the foundation to a fabulous outfit” and once your boobs look great you’ll look great. When the lovely ladies over at ThirdLove brought uncomfortable bra situations to my attention, or bra-blems as they call it, I nodded my head emphatically. Oh heeellllll yes I’ve had my share of bra-blemsThirdLove totally understand those issues we have with our undergarments and they’ve popped together some fabulous tips to get your bits looking their best.

BRAblems_hot to put on a bra

OK, first up, do you put your bra on cups first and clip at the back OR clip at the front and swing the cups around?? I’m a swing the cups around kinda girl myself as I’ve never got the hang of clipping the band without seeing what I’m doing. So when you’re clipping the band together you’re meant to pop it on the loosest hook so when your bra stretches you can make it tighter. Did you know that?! I didn’t but it totally makes sense!!

Ever been walking around and that one effing strap just keeps falling down your arm? ARGH!!! Super annoying and oh so not a good look. To combat this make sure to tighten your straps every month. Alas bras aren’t a “set and forget” item, as they loosen every time you wear or wash them. It may also mean your bra style may not be working for you and it’s time to try a different option (below).

BRAblems_fit issues & easy solutions

One of the problems *ahem* bra-blems I used to suffer with when I was younger was my band riding up. There’s nothing that says sexy than having a band that’s halfway up your back making you feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame…NOT! If this is happening to you ladies it’s time to get a smaller band size which means a bigger cup size – WAHOO!

BRAblems_band riding up

And THE worst bra-blem of them all would have to be chafing! After a long hot, sweaty day you want your boobs to feel comfortable and fresh and not rubbed red-raw!! If you’re feeling like you’ve gone 10 rounds with a piece of sandpaper then make sure your bras are made with breathable fabrics like cotton or lace. Another tip is to ensure each breast sits comfortably in it’s cup – they shouldn’t be touching each other or your ribs. Your cups shouldn’t be spilling over!

We all know there’s nothing better than going bra-less, but unfortunately that’s just not an option, so to make sure you have the best fitting bra take yourself to your favourite lingerie shop and get professionally fitted. Think of it as the best gift you can give yourself and your lady lumps!

taking off your bra oafter a long day

What are some of your worst bra-blems?

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    • Exactly! I’ve had some better than others, but all without a doubt kill me by the end of the day and leave me with deep indentations! Oh to be a little titty gal so I didn’t have to bother LOL!

  1. I absolutely loved this post! Such great tips! LOL bra-blems are the bane of my life. The effing chafing, the digging into the back fat, the spill-over. I got fitted properly a few months ago and it was life-changing. But I also realised that you’ll be different sizes with different brands, so good to keep that in mind! Fab work boo xo

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