Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Madonna

madonna_warholPic taken recently at the Warhol/Weiwei exhibition

Bow down everyone…Queen Madge is in the house! Today y’all can forget about your Bey, Gaga, Tay Tay and all those babes because we have the original and THE best! Yes, yes we know she hasn’t made a great record since ’98s Ray of Light but you don’t just let your idols fall by the way side.

As I spouted in my Fierce Females post last year, Madonna raised me musically, emotionally, HELL, spiritually (hello, Like a Prayer people!)! If you’re a girl who grew up in the 80s you wanted to BE Madonna because she seemingly had it all; shit hot music career, awesome dance moves, 4080 rubber bracelets and neon nails for days!

Like most kids I became obsessed with my idols and Madonna was no exception. I collected posters, albums and books and listened to her on repeat. The Christmas I received the Immaculate Collection on video I was so excited you’d have thought I’d been given a million dollars! It was played over and over again til I wore it out.

Because I was a kid during her hey days I missed out on a lot; like going to see her one and only Australian concert to date, the Girlie Show tour, as well as buying her Sex book ($150 on eBay GAH!) and of course missing out on that show bag! So when I got to see her when I was living in London in 2004 you can imagine I was beside myself. My seat was way in the nose bleeds but I didn’t matter! I cried, danced, sang and cried some more all the way through.

Now for the first time in 23 years Madge is back Down Under and by the grace of god and divine intervention I have a ticket to her show! When tickets went on sale I was stuck in a work meeting (yawn) and completely missed out and was bummed out about it. Then an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years told me he bought a ticket for me in the hopes that I’d come with him as we’d both adored her together growing up. WHAT?! Yup, crazy.

madonna_rebel heartRebel Heart

Quite easily I can tell you Holiday is my favourite Madge song HANDS DOWN. It’s a fun, pure pop ditty that makes you want to tap your toes and bop to the beat. I can understand if you’re not a fan of her latest stuff, but if you don’t like this song you really are dead inside! Yay for belly buttons and mesh tops. Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy… doesn’t this make you want to book your next trip?!

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