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Highlights From Miss Muddy 2016

miss muddy 2016_team BU beforeWhat started out as a gloomy, overcast morning turned out to be an afternoon of nothing but sunshine, blue skies and plenty of mud down at Miss Muddy 2016! My first foray into an obstacle course fun run had me a little nervous but super excited and it did NOT disappoint.

The gals and I that made up Team Bloggers United were ready to get down and dirty and that’s exactly what we did. As you can see our white tees were über pristine to begin with but that didn’t last very long at all…

miss muddy 2016_team BU paint miss muddy_obstacles

Over a length of approximately 6km and 20 obstacles we made our way across the course giggling all the way. The obstacles started off fairly easy with tyre runs, carrying sand bags and bouncing through huge inflated domes. Then the big guns came out with wall climbs, monkey bars and the mud pit. It was more like a tar pit as I almost lost my shoes in the giant sticky mess!

After the mud pit we made our way through a handful of other obstacles around the course until we got to the last four which were my favourites and an absolute hoot; first we all jumped into a giant bath of jelly balls and had a blast splashing about in them, then it was straight into an ice bath which was bloody FREEZING and one we didn’t frolic about in!! BRRRRRR! Then it was onto two slip and slides which were AH-mazingly fun and finally we made our way to the colour cannons – holy SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIET! As you can see from the pics, above, they did not spare us at all and we were doused in purple and pink paint. So much so that my hair is still stained pink!

miss muddy 2016_BU paint pit after

Team Bloggers United pretty in pink!

miss muddy 2016_bloggers united after

miss muddy before and after

You’ve gotta love a before and after shot, and this was taken after I hosed myself down!

Miss Muddy was so much fun and I love that I pushed myself and really stepped out of my comfort zone, especially with having to climb over walls (hello heights!) and crawling through water (yup, afraid I have a fear of water too!). Now that I’ve experienced my first obstacle course run I’ve caught the bug and I can’t wait to get stuck into my next one. Sure my hair is stained, I’ve still got paint in my ears and I ache all over but I had a fabulous time.

Make sure to check out my Instagram feed as I’ll be updating it with the professional pics that come through. Also don’t forget to check out my team mates blogs and their posts about Miss Muddy;

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  1. Love this! I did a color run a few years ago and ended the day covered in sweat and a rainbow of colors. I haven’t been able to do anything like that for two years now because of a torn ligament in my ankle. I hope I can do one of the obstacle courses one day. You all look like you had a ton of fun!

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