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**This post has been sponsored by Monster Health Food Co, all opinions are 100% my own**

Hands down, without a doubt, breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day! Bacon, eggs, coffee, toast, fruit, yogurt, cereal, juice, smoothies and muesli – I mean you can’t go wrong. I’ve also been known to eat breakfast for dinner and I may have had eggs on toast with a glass of wine. #DontJudgeMe Now if you wanna throw some chocolate into the mix I AM DOWN WITH THAT! Especially since I’ve just finished Lent and now I can eat all of the chocolate again!! So when the Monster Health Food Co asked if I’d like to try out their new Organic Choc-lish muesli I jumped at the chance.

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Monster Health Food Co is an Australian cereal company who have just launched this yummy new muesli, inspired by European chocolate muesli but with the fabulousness of home grown ingredients. This delicious breakfast contains healthy grains, superfoods like lupin (which is high in protein and fibre) and dark chocolate, a winning combination in my book.
As I mentioned, now that I’ve finished Lent I’ve been stuck into this muesli over the long weekend and I’m hooked! I pop a little Greek yogurt on top with a splash of rice milk and add some banana and blueberries for some extra awesomeness and it’s amazing.

monster muesli_03

Are you a breakfast fan? What’s your favourite thing to eat?

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  1. *swan dives into the comments section*
    Chile you KNOW how I feel about breakfast! If I met a man I lusted after as much as a good Las Chicas breakfast, I would marry him on the spot. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. Plus a side of piping hot rye toast with The Good Butter. No marge, the good French butter. But so help me I do love a good crunchy muesli. This one looks divine, with the added chocolate mmm. But babe for some reason one thing I can’t get behind is overnight Bircher muesli- do you like it? xo

      • Chile yes please share! I don’t know what my issue is LOL, I love muesli but there’s something about the soggy overnight bircher that I can’t deal with. Maybe I need to add some crunchy bits in the morning?

      • Yes I hear you. OK here goes:
        Cup Quinoa Flakes
        Cup milk of choice
        Cup Greek Yogurt
        Handful of the following; raisins, chopped nuts, desiccated coconut, dried goji berries
        2 TBS cinnamon.
        Stir all together and leave overnight. In the morning top with fave fruit and maple syrup YUM!!

      • I’m going to try this ASAPTUALLY and goddamn it I’m going to love it. This is fab thanks hun. Ooh I think the different textures in this recipe will help with the dreaded smooshiness!

      • Let me know what you think! I was going to say if you want it to be less/more wet then play around with the milk/yogurt measurements. I love the added fruit and syrup in the morning to add texture.

      • I actually think I need to do more milk less yoghurt so it’s not so thick and gunky. And den yes love the idea of the fresh fruit to lift everything with a bit of zing. And finally a splash of vodka?

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