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Delish Drinks With Buderim Ginger

Buderim Ginger_1

**This post has been sponsored by Buderim Ginger – all opinions are 100% my own**

I was quite a late comer to the ginger beer party and didn’t try it until I was in my early 20s. I was highly suspicious, I mean how could a drink with “beer” in its name not be alcoholic?! And what do you mean it’s made from ginger and spices yet it’s sweet? I hesitantly took my first sip and I needn’t have worried…WOW! What a refreshing and delicious drink. Like with most refreshing and delicious drinks my first thought is “this would be great with vodka!” So you can imagine my delight (and disappointment that I hadn’t invented it) to learn there was an actual cocktail that mixed ginger beer and vodka; a Moscow Mule.

Buderim Ginger_3

Over the years I’d forgotten about this fabulous concoction until my trip to Vegas last July where the love affair was rekindled. Then the other day, as if it were a sign from the libation gods, I was asked whether I’d like to try the new range of alcoholic ginger beer bevvies from Aussie company, Buderim Ginger. Ummmmm YES PLEASE!!

Buderim Ginger have taken the freshest ginger and infused it with high quality alcohol to make some of the yummiest pre-mixed cocktails that pack a zesty punch; Ginger Beer + Vodka (Moscow Mule) and Ginger Beer + Spiced Rum (Dark & Stormy).

These refreshing little cans are just perfect for a night out with the girls or a Sunday spent relaxing on the couch. They can be consumed right out of the funky can or poured over ice with a twist of lime for an extra touch of zing, which is how I like it.

Buderim Ginger_6

Buderim Ginger’s alcoholic Ginger Beer range is available from First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars and retails for $20 for a pack of 4.

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  1. Awesome! No need to mix it – how convenient! I’ve shied away from pre-mixed drinks lately, because it just makes me think of terrible, overly sweetened alcopops, but I would actually buy these!

  2. OMG NEED! Hahahah I just laughed out loud at “that would be great with vodka” To this day, whenever I taste a delicious juice or anything, I hear your voice saying exactly that. These sound absolutely delightful and your pics are so cute! xo

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