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Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Root Lift Backcomb Powder Review

charles worthington volume powder_01

Look, we all know size does matter but sometimes great things come in little packages… just look at me! I’d heard about Charles Worthington’s line of hair care products for a while now and read that the Root Lift Backcomb Powder was meant to be the bees knees. At just under $16 for a 7g bottle I was hoping this shit would give me the mermaid hair of my dreams!

rosie long hair

Evidence of my once lush hair

I don’t know about you dollface but I try to live by the motto “the fuller the hair the closer to Jesus”, amiright?! I believe I may have on separate occasions asked my hairdresser for Bold and the Beautiful – circa 1986 fullness and a perm, both of which she gave me a stern talking to about. Sue me, I like big hair and ever since I cut my Rapunzel locks about 4 years ago my hair hasn’t felt as full as it used to be. I’m all about loading lots of product into my hair for that fuller look as I just can’t stand my hair looking flat. Cue the “miraculous” Root Lift Backcomb Powder and possibly all of my dreams coming true…


It all seemed so simple; sprinkle the powder into my part and rub it in and VOILA instant volume. I was more than ready for the promised big hair boost.

What happened instead next?


Once again I’m stuck with a dud product *sigh* I really thought this time would be different and this little pink bottle held all of the secrets to the hair universe. Alas, it was all lies and propaganda. I guess it’s back to the drawing board and sticking with the combo of mousse/hair spray/dry shampoo to give me that extra oomph I’m after.

Dollface, are you blessed with naturally full and voluminous hair (if you do I kinda hate you) or do you need to work it? What’s your fool proof method to getting mermaid hair?

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  1. That gif with the kid whipping his hair back and forth… I just cackled out loud and I CAN’T DEAL! LOOOOL! What a shame this didn’t work out. Have you tried sleeping in big heated rollers for maximum zhuzh? I have the opposite problem with my afro, can’t ever get it to just lie down haha xo

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