Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Nelson


Phwoaaaaa*deep breath*aaaaaaaaar

It was a couple of week’s until my 11th birthday and my brother’s then girlfriend wanted to know what my hearts desire was. Of course I’d already requested a Beverly Hills 90210 t-shirt from my sis (priorities people!) but next on my list was a pair of John Lennon-esque, pink tinted sunnies (I was going through a hippy phase) and Nelson’s After the Rain album. Ever since I’d seen the blonde twins on Hey Hey It’s Saturday the year before I was obsessed and desperately wanted a piece of them for myself. Their songs were catchy as hell and they were HAWT! That album was the first piece of vinyl that was mine, not my brother’s or sister’s, but mine and believe me I played that sucker ’til the grooves wore out!

Over the next 20 years or so I didn’t think about Nelson very much until I’d heard them randomly on the radio and BAM! thanks to YouTube I started listening to everything they’d brought out since After the Rain. Instantly I was hooked and became that little 11 year old all over again! Here were the songs that shaped my childhood as well as new anthems I could enjoy. I so wanted to see them live in concert and every now and then I’d Google to see if they’d tour Oz but that was just a pipe dream. I really missed my chance to see them live….or did I? I mean I’ve travelled to see bands before, why couldn’t I do that now? Cue last years trip to Vegas and meeting my childhood idols! YAAAAAAAAAAAS! Talk about a dream come true! Not only were they amazingly lovely when I shouted them down out the front of our hotel (promise I wasn’t stalking) but they ROCKED the shit out of their gig.

LV_Funsies_Rosie + Nelson CollageAMAZING!

I think the entire After the Rain album is just awesome, every track is a winner and I could share every song with you, especially for the hair fabulousness alone, check it out! This Sunday I wanted to share one of the newer tracks and before going to Vegas I think I played this every day on repeat. Alas, there isn’t an abundance of leather or long hair but I guarantee you’ll get your shoulders into it. Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy….

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  1. SOOO awesome that you finally got to meet them, that’s the best.

    And I totally get the shouting from the hotel thing, lol.

  2. So cool that you met them! Now, tell me – how do you get the courage to come face to face with your fave celebs? Is it a ‘this will only happen once in my life so YOLO” thing or is there a trick? I have seen people I would have loved pictures with, but have never found the courage! x

    • Well Kez I certainly get super anxious but YOLO definitely takes over, especially in this case. I would have kicked myself if I’d gone all the way to Vegas and not asked for a pic 😝

  3. Wow you finally stalked, I mean, tracked them down!
    When I was growing up my first teenage crush was Agnetha from Abba. When she emerged a couple of years ago with a new album I was that young besotted kid again: “Wow, Agnetha’s back! The media made her out to be some kooky recluse who refused to fly, would never record again, now all of a sudden she is in my country promoting a new album!”
    You had to feel for my wife.
    Anyway, all my new found hysteria and nostalgia was in overdrive when I heard a later report say that she was 63. The same age as my mother-in-law. I googled to check. Yes-illusions were shattered, walls came tumbling down. I began to think who else I used to like back then. Erin Grey, from Buck Rogers. I googled her-please let her still be alive, please let her still be alive. The results came back: 63. Same age as Agnetha. Same age as my mother in law. Time is a mocking tyrant. I shall pretend it’s still the seventies. My hair is thicker, my waist thinner.

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