Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Elvis Presley


The King!

What started out as a little joke between friends became an actual love affair with the King of rock n’ roll which took me down to the jungle room! Let me start at the beginning…

Back at uni my housemate and I used to watch old Elvis movies on TV and carry on about the Memphis Mafia and what it would’ve been like hanging around Graceland and being able to order up deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches at all hours (it would’ve been amazing was the general consensus). Back then all I really knew about Elvis was that he was a bit of a gangster who loved his food and the drugs a little too much. He was this larger than life character who didn’t seem real to me. Then I happened to watch the ’68 Comeback Special and my world changed.


Elvis was one smokin’ hot piece of ass and that boy could SING! I mean I always knew he could sing but, my god, he could SING!! And he was funny! From that moment I was a fan with a capital F. I devoured his music and films, sought out documentaries and books and finally understood why he was the one and only King. Here was this boy from the South whose voice was like melted butter wrapped in satin, who never wrote any of his songs and never toured outside of the US but managed to be the biggest star in music EVER, all without YouTube and Instagram!!

I made the pilgrimage to Graceland back in 2003, on my first trip to the US, and it was like a religious experience! It was so surreal and overwhelming and I found myself tearing up a lot. When I got to the display case with his leather suit (below) I about lost my mind – here was the VERY suit from the ’68 Comeback Special that started my love affair.

elvis 68 comeback special


Despite my countless trips to Vegas I’ve yet to see an Elvis impersonator, I just don’t think they’d cut the mustard and I’d be deeply disappointed. I did however go and see Lisa Marie in concert and that was pretty fabulous. This Sunday I wanted to share with you one of my favourite songs that wasn’t one of the famous ones. It’s from one of the Vegas shows he did back in 1970 and holy hell what I’d give to have some pash rash from those mutton chops!! Enjoy and happy Sunday dollface.

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  1. I was never a huge Elvis fan. I know who he is and respect his title and I enjoy some of his songs. But I think this video gave me a whole new love for him. He paused the concert to give a fan an autograph. That is just so amazing. How many famous people do that for their fans now days? Now you have to pay to get autographs and heaven forbid they interrupt their own concert to show a little love to the fans. It was sad how he died and sad for the world what we all lost the day he died.

  2. Been meaning to respond all week!

    I grew up with Elvis on and he was a big fave in our home, I think my mum and all her friends just had a huge crush on him, lol. And there’s something about Croatians of a certain generation, they literally all think he is THE KING. And the highest compliment you can pay a male is that he’s good looking like Elvis. Or has hair like him. Great post. xxx

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