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Initmate Ladies Lunch

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C’mon girls, do you believe in talking about women’s health? Well I’ve got something to say about it and it goes something like this… Ladies! Listen up, you’ve all heard me talk about tending to my lady garden and today we get a little way more intimate! If you’re the type to get squeamish and easily embarrassed when talk turns to your foof, your fanny, hoo-ha, poonanie, VAGINA! *shock horror* THIS POST IS FOR YOU!


Unlike my beloved Madonna I’m not talking about vaginas for shock value, but to spread the word on the most common of ailments that women suffer from and unfortunately no one is talking about – vaginal dryness.

On Tuesday I was invited out to a lovely, intimate ladies lunch with top Sydney gynaecologist, Dr. Ginni Mansberg and Vagisil to discuss women’s health and the fact that 1 in 4 women suffer from vaginal dryness and it’s just not being spoken about.

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Yes ladies, PUT DOWN THE DOUCHE and listen up! Research shows that more than 50% of the women who suffer from vaginal dryness don’t do anything about it. The most obvious cause for it is menopause but there are various other causes that occur at any age including hormonal changes, post pregnancy, general stress, exercise and anxiety over intimacy.

I, for one, have never discussed it with girlfriends (sex, yes, pooping yourself, sure! but never vaginal dryness) and never realised how common it is.  If we’re not comfortable talking about women’s health issues then that’s a problem! Having a dry foof can affect your life in many ways. As well as giving a knock to your self esteem and confidence it can also stop any spontaneity in its tracks… in the old bedroom if you know what I mean. And the crazy thing is, Dr Ginni sees lots of women come into her surgery and they don’t know that there are simple and effective over-the-counter products out there that can help.

initmate ladies lunch_05*Cue the trumpets – Vagisil is here to save the day!*

Vagisil, the leader in intimate women’s health care, have two new products to relieve dryness so you can feel more comfortable and enjoy intimate moments with confidence – BOW CHICKA WOW WOW indeed! Women now have the option of an internal or external dryness solution and both gels are gynaecologist and scientifically tested, pH balanced, paraben free and contain no added perfumes, dyes, preservatives or oestrogens #FeelsLikeMe

I know y’all get a little embarrassed talking about this stuff, which you shouldn’t! Remember, 1 in 4 of us suffer from dryness and now we don’t need to.

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  1. I love this post so much. I blame society for shaming women into not talking about their bodily functions! I’m not saying we should run up and down Flinders St yelling “MY FOOF IS DRY” but we should certainly not be embarrassed to talk to our friends or doctors about our Love Pockets. Huge strides are being made but I still feel like the health and beauty industry is preying on women’s insecurities. Take scented tampons and pantyliners for example. What fresh hell? Why does your vajoots need to smell like gardenias? They need to stawp. Thanks for this pumpkin xo

    • AMEN!! I took great offense a few years ago when they brought out those fem wipes to freshen up and smell like flowers – my question is; why aren’t there ball wipes?? Now THAT is what needs to be made!!

      • I am deceased 😂😂😂😂 hooooo my gosh but you know KuracsWipes (TM) should be marketed as the essential product for every man bag and gym bag. There should be dispensers in the gents. UNBELIEVABLE! I never thought about how ludicrously unfair that is! Grrr xo

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