Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Steel Panther

steel pantherThe Shocker!

If you’re easily offended then Steel Panther is definitely NOT the band for you! With song titles like Glory Hole, Pussy Whipped and It Won’t Suck Itself (and they’re the tame ones!!)  it’s quite clear that these Californian glam metal rockers are here to tickle your funny bone… and probably sleep with your mother!

The awesome foursome started out as Metal Skool, an 80s hair metal cover band in the early 2000s, parodying bands like Van Halen (lead singer Michael Starr was “David Lee Roth” in a Van Halen cover band), Def Leppard and Poison. They eventually changed their name to Steel Panther and started writing their own amazingly hilarious originals and went on to tour with all the bands they covered and have gained a huge fan base along the way.

I stumbled upon them when a work colleague suggested I listen to them as she knew I loved my hair metal bands and that I love a good bit of smut, the rest as they say is history! Without a doubt they’re crude, rude and down right disgusting lyrics aren’t for everyone. I find the feminist in me cringes when I hear them but the inner gross 12 year old boy in me thinks they’re fucking hilarious. It also helps that their music is right up my alley with bitchin’ guitars and rocking beats.

steel panther for presidentNow here’s a party I would totally get behind!

If Steel Panther had anything close to a love song then this would be it! As I mentioned, they’re not for everyone so if you’re offended don’t come crying to me! If you enjoy a giggle then you’ll enjoy this song. Oh and fair warning – this is risqué so I wouldn’t be blaring this at work, even though this is the clean version (just replace dong with…) Happy Sunday Fanthers and enjoy!

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