30-Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge! Day 1: Non-Black Boots

I’ve been rifling through my wardrobe lately and thinking that I need to do a MAJOR cull (I know I say this a lot so it must be true)! Don’t get me wrong, I love most of my clothes, but as my style and taste is constantly evolving I find there are pieces that I just don’t wear anymore. This is when a wardrobe challenge comes in super handy. Last June I thought it would it be fun to take part in Who What Wear’s 30 Day Wardrobe challenge and it was a great way to shop my wardrobe and give certain pieces a second chance. It was also a great way to see what pieces just weren’t going to be resurrected and made culling them easier.

As we’re well and truly entrenched in winter here in Melbourne and I want to go shopping I thought it was high time to do a second challenge and a clean out and thankfully Who What Wear have popped another one together! Like last year’s challenge I’ll be bringing you 30 days filled with FARSHION and outfits and keeping the commentary to a minimum (yeah right, we all know I love to talk!). So let’s kick it off with day one…..

Day 1: Add a pair of non-black boots to your wardrobe

30 day wardrobe challenge_day one_01

What better way to start the challenge then with wine coloured booties?! Now that the weather has turned for the worst I’m living in tights and boots and I love adding a pop of colour to my outfit with a pair of bright shoes.

30 day wardrobe challenge_day one_02

Boots: Rubi Shoes // Coat: Cotton On // Blouse: Vintage Mama Rockets! // Skirt: Francesca’s

Do you like the idea of a wardrobe challenge? Will you be playing along at home? If so don’t forget to tag me so I can follow along.

Check out Day One from last year’s 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge here!

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  1. LOVE those boots. Unfortunately the suede would probably be wrecked in one day with me 🙂 Always love shoes that are other than black 🙂 Most of mine are black because they cost a lot (love Ziera shoes) and so I have to be able to wear them a lot LOL.

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