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If I have any grand ideas to do another month long blogging escapade this year please remind me to shut my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I totally loved doing the 30 Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge as it really helped me cut out A LOT of pieces from my wardrobe, but I’d forgotten how tough daily blogging is. All those photos and editing and writing and advertising blah blah blah. I’m tired just thinking about it and think a blogging break is in order, but not before another Lately… recap.



July started off with the flu! Yup, it was bound to happen. What’s winter without the dreaded winter lurgy?! Alas, I didn’t let it stop me from having fun with my nieces as my sister and I took them to Disney On Ice. Talk about cute, but my God they sting you with the price of merch!! Both of them wanted toys (of course!) and we promised them one each, much to their disgust, BOOM there goes $80 just like that – ON 2 TOYS!! WTF?

lately...july_5My gorgeous friend, Ari, was down from Brisbane with her three kidlets and we managed to catch up a couple of times which was lovely. Ari and I used to live together in London and we did EVERYTHING together. Unfortunately these days we don’t get to see each other that often since we live in different states but when we do catch up there are loads of laughs to be had and plenty of reminiscing. It seems we were too busy having fun because I don’t have any pics from her visit – boo!

lately...july_6 It wouldn’t be a complete month in 2016 without a concert and boy was Totally 80s a doozy! Nine international and Aussie 80s one hit wonders acts took to the stage to perform all their hit! The line up was amazing and my favourites would have to be Limahl (I just about lost it when he sang Neverending Story!) and Martika. Pure 80s pop perfection in one night!


I discovered that Nutrition Bar (near my office) has been selling Peanut Butter Almond Lattes all winter and I wanted in! HOLY HUEY LEWIS! These are absolutely divine and I’m trying to convince them to sell them all year round – fingers crossed.


I took part in the Run Melbourne 5km fun run which was a great day, but damn was it a chilly morning! I was loathe to take off my jumper and this was me pretending I wasn’t absolutely freezing. Next stop Melbourne Marathon 10km in October. It’s been a while since I’ve run 10km but I’m determined to get back there and I’m committing to at least two runs a week til then to train for it.


I’ve been getting through at least 1.5 books a month but last month I completed 2 full books and started a third. I finished Trespass by Rose Tremain which was I enjoyed but found a little slow in parts and Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson which I could not put down!! It was recommended, along with a list of other books, for anyone who enjoyed Girl On The Train which I devoured. If you were a fan of that then you’d love this book too. I also started The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison, another thriller that’s keeping me HOOKED!


This past weekend I had my gals over and we smashed through the first season of The Girlfriend Experience with some pizza and snacks. Have you seen this? If you’re into shows about high class hookers (who isn’t?) then you’ll love it. I also managed to get some quality relaxation in and I’m ready to tackle August. Who’s with me?

Since the wardrobe challenge had me a little preoccupied I didn’t indulge in as many of my favourite blogs as I would’ve liked. I did manage to catch these cool posts though:

How was your July dollface? All my Aussie gals, have you been indulging in the latest season of The Bachelor? Who’s your pick to win?


Will you accept this rose?

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