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After July’s mammoth 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge I just knew August was going to be super chillaxed and toned down blogging-wise. Over the past month I’ve only posted a handful of times and I don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand I welcomed the break and I’m ready to get back to my regular schedule with all guns blazing. Then on the other hand I start to think is it time to pack up this blogging game and give it up? I know I’m not quite ready to say goodbye just yet and I have so many more cute OOTDs to share so you’re all stuck with me for the time being, at least!


So what have I been doing with all my free time since I haven’t been blogging, I hear you ask?! Fracking LOADS! As usual I’ve been keeping busy because we all know about idle hands being Oprah’s playground…


I was invited to attend the Life InStyle 2016 expo which is a curated, boutique trade event showcasing gorgeous and stylish Australian products. I loved going from stall to stall eyeballing some very pretty jewellery, fashion and home ware items and I dare say my credit card will be getting a bashing. Just check out those earrings!

I also attended the Bloggers United Australia Melbourne meet-up and got to catch up with all my favourite local bloggers as well as meet shiny new ones. These meet ups are always fun and a great way to learn new insights about the business end of blogging as well as being able to talk to like minded peeps who don’t mind that you’ve got your phone out during your whole conversation! I also came away with a MAMMOTH stash of goodies and they’ll no doubt be hitting the blog over the next few months.


But it wasn’t all about the blogging events this August (see, even when I want to take a break from A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe it’s still takes over my life!) I got to try not one, but TWO new Greek restaurants, Ena in Southgate and Hellenic Republic in Williamstown. Talk about delicious food!

Of course things wouldn’t seem quite right if I didn’t see at least one gig and I caught my faves Pseudo Echo and 1927 (playing their 1988 smash album Ish in it’s entirely) at the Corner Hotel – YAAAAS Aussie rock! As well as the usual pop/rock/80s music I go to see I managed to catch Letters From Beyond, a Balkan folk group that, though out of the ordinary for my musical tastes, still struck at my European heartstrings!

There was also a trip to the Park Hyatt for a facial with my sis, an op shop/blogger date with Emily from Blue Umbrella Lane as well as a solo Sunday date where I took myself to see the Henry Talbot photography exhibition at the NGV: Ian Potter Centre.



Let’s not forget I also threw caution to the wind and decided to colour my hair pink! I’d been wanting a change for ages and thought I’d spice things up a little. I bloody love it but boy I’d forgotten how much upkeep dyeing your hair is. Being a bottle blond my hairdresser just bleaches the shit outta my hair every 8 weeks and it’s good to go, but with colour that shit fades and FAST! For now I’m happy to keep up the fairy floss locks for another month or two but beyond that I think it’s just too much hard work. Look out for a review on the box dye I used coming soon…

Because I’m a glutton for punishment BUT also a philanthropist at heart I’ve signed up to take part in FROCKTOBER! Please help me raise funds for much needed ovarian cancer research. If you’re feeling super generous you can donate here PLUS you’ll get to see me wear a dress every day this October – definitely stay tuned to my Instagram for that!

As usual, there has been so many fabulous blog posts I’ve read over the past month…

  • I love this idea to tap dance your way to fitness! Who’s willing to dust off their tap shoes and join me?
  • Seeing as Spring is just around the corner and warmer weather is imminent I can’t wait to try this Ice Cream Ombre DIY Mani – sooooo cute!
  • Speaking of Spring, I’m looking forward to trying out new recipes with delicious spring-ripe produce like this Heirloom Tomato and Ricotta Tart which looks just DIVINE!

How was your August dollface?

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  1. I am glad you’re not ready to stop blogging yet! I love your pink hair so much! I really want a deep purple and I am just biding my time and will have to save my moolah…yay!

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