Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – The Carpenters

the carpenters

The Carpenters

I don’t care who you are, if you don’t shed an internal tear when you hear Karen Carpenter sing about wanting to be close to you then you are DEAD inside! Sister was a bad-ass singer AND drummer = soft rock goddess!

My love for the brother and sister duo started back at uni when we were asked to audition for roles in our upcoming summer production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. All the girls in the cast had to prepare a short song to sing as our director wanted to work in a little ditty for the leading lady. Aside from hating Shakespeare with a passion I also hated singing in public (things have obviously changed since I love karaoke so much!) and I dreaded the audition and put off learning a song. The morning of my worst nightmare I awoke with The Carpenters Close To You stuck in my head but I didn’t know the lyrics properly so I hoofed it down to local music shop and bought their Best Of album and within the next two hours learnt all the lyrics and used it as my audition piece.

No, I didn’t get the leading role which I blame solely on the director not being a Carpenters fan and not because of my horrible singing voice, but from that day Richard and Karen had a place in my heart!

the carpenters_later

Such dorks, but they were FABULOUS!

The Carpenters songs, whether they’re about falling in love or heartbreak, always manage to hit me right in the feels. Way down deep! This Sunday grab yourself a stiff drink (who cares if it’s 11am!) and sing along to this classic. Happy Sunday dollface, and enjoy because I love you…I really do!

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