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Shanghai Suzy Lipstick Review


Back in August I attended the Melbourne Bloggers United Australia meet up and I was showered with an plethora of products from different make-up and beauty brands. There was a ton of lipsticks, face masks, hair products and sunscreen etc. that by the end of the day I was on an absolute beauty high. Talk about being a lucky girl!

I couldn’t wait to get home and start playing with all the gorgeous products I acquired and these Shanghai Suzy lippies were at the top of my list.


Shanghai Suzy is a Melbourne based, lipstick-only seasonal cosmetic brand. It’s the perfect fusion of fast fashion and colour cosmetics = my two loves! Each lipstick is limited edition and a new on-trend range is available every season through selected beauty salons, fashion boutiques, and online for only $14.95.

We were gifted the 70s Collection with an assortment of five colours; Frosted Candy, Dusty Rose, Golden Peach, Raspberry Sorbet and Eggplant. All shades range in four different formulas – whipped matte, winter & classic matte, shimmer and nourish.

shanghai-suzy_frosted-pink03Frosted Candy// This is a classic frosted pink shade that looks a lot lighter on my lips than on the swatch. I love the hints of glitter as it catches the light and the way it matches my hair! This shade has a nourish formula and feels very silky and lasts for about two hours before having to reapply.

shanghai-suzy_dusty-rose-02Dusty Rose // I absolutely adore this shade and the name fits it well! It’s a classic matte formula and is the longest lasting of the 5, with up to four hours of wear before it starting to fade.

shanghai-suzy_golden-peach04Golden Peach // This is probably my least favourite shade from the collection. It’s a lovely colour but I feel like it does nothing for me. It has a semi-matte formula which I think works in its favour as if it were classic matte I think it would completely wash me out.

shanghai-suzy_raspberry-sorbet-03Raspberry Sorbet // This would be my absolute favourite shade from the 70s Collection. It’s bright and fun and the perfect shade of pink that would suit absolutely everyone. It has a shimmer formula which you can see just makes my lips pop! This isn’t as long lasting as Dusty Rose but comes pretty close at around the three hour mark.

shanghai-suzy_eggplant02Eggplant // A gorgeous, deep wine coloured shade that is so on trend at the moment. This has a classic matte formula yet doesn’t feel dry at all – it’s like a magical matte made with unicorn tears!!


Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly.

Which is your favourite shade?

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