Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life (Oz-tober Edition!) – Eskimo Joe


Eskimo Joe

I hate to admit this dollface but I haven’t had ONE Aussie band or singer in the Sunday Session series and we’re now in October. Honestly, WTF?! To alleviate this I am dedicating the whole month to local bands that I love and have shaped my life – hence Oz-tober!

I first heard of Eskimo Joe back in the late 90s when I saw them play at the Falls Festival and I thought they were cool but never really gave them a second thought. When they released their third album, Black Fingernails, Red Wine in 2006 and I was blown away. Just who the hell was this trio from Western Australia, with the smokin’ hot singer, may I just add?!

My sister and I had just moved in together about six months before and that album was played on high rotation in our house (as well as the whole of Australia I gather since it reached platinum status). It’s an album that oozes 80s Oz rock vibes and ALL of the feels for me when I hear it now. It arrived at the perfect moment in my life as a post break-up anthology from the rock gods.


Perth boys

Eskimo Joe is a band whose sound has truly evolved over the years. From their grungy/alt rock beginnings to more commercial rock and now they’re delving into pop/electro/80s, which you know I absolutely dig! This Sunday though I thought I’d take it back to the early days and play Eskimo Joe’s first big hit. Enjoy…

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  1. Oh gosh, they make me nostalgic! I loved them from the minute I heard the Sweater song (I think it was called that) which was cutesy but everything after showed how much they grew and matured as a band! I’m pretty proud of the fact that they’re from WA and I love when I see one of the band members casually walking around in Fremantle just doing their thing!

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