Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Color Me Badd


Color Me Badd

In the early 90s there were two things I loved equally and passionately; Beverly Hills 90210 and Color Me Badd. The former because, duh it was the best show ever, and the latter because they were colourful (hence the name), their songs were catchy and they were smooth AF!

I’m trying to remember when I first stumbled upon Color Me Badd and I just can’t pinpoint it. Like hyper colour t-shirts and mood rings they just appeared in my life one day! They were sexy (to me at the time!) R&B crooners who sang about wanting to sex me up and making sure I knew that they were doing it all for love = teenage girls dream come true! Their harmonies were on point and sweeter than honey and I absolutely couldn’t get enough. But like most of the bands I loved back then I didn’t own any of their CDs or tapes and would just dub songs off the radio or telly. This method seemed to work just fine (much to my disgust at my parents for not funding my music addiction) as I knew all the lyrics and dance moves.

Looking back I cringe a little inside at the outfits and their overly plucked eyebrows but HEY, I still stand by my love for them!

color-me-badd2The 90s have a lot to answer for!

At one stage I was VERY obsessed with this performance they did on the American Music Awards andΒ I’m sure I wore out the video as well as the carpet trying to emulate these dance moves. Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy these amazing clips!

Oh Donna Marten, you lucky bitch!!

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  1. You post got me thinking about my childhood and what was all the rage in my early high school days. Started thinking of Hey You The Rock Steady Crew πŸ™‚ and breakdancing and nicknames we all held (at 44 I still do) and the time when a lad coming running up to me in the schoolyard, issuing the immortal line: “Quick Muz, come on! Moggy is having a burn out with Eggy in the Drama Area!”

  2. My lowest dance-in-front-of-the-TV moment was trying the do the lift from Dirty Dancing with the girl next door. We were the same age {14}, size, weight, and height, I don’t know how on earth we were ever stupid enough to think we’d pull it off.

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