Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Roxette



There must be something in the water in Sweden. First ABBA bewitched the world in the 70/80s with their fabulousness and then Roxette* did it again in the late 80s and 90s with their catchy AF pop hooks. Not only are these Swedes genetically gorgeous but they’re musically gifted as hell too – sheesh! Some people get all the luck!!

My first memories of Roxette are linked with Cher, as the tuneful twosome emerged on the Australian music scene at the same time my favourite diva was making another comeback. Remember when I told you all about hearing Turn Back Time for the first time? Well, somewhere in that same memory The Look was also playing. Marie and Per definitely had “the look” down pat and once everyone heard they’re funky pop-rock riffs we were all ready to join the Roxette joyride.

And you can imagine the fun we 9 year olds had with their follow up track, Dressed For Success, when we changed the words to Dressed For Some Sex *snort*

roxette_2This makes me want to buy hairspray on the immediate!

When my sister bought their compilation album, Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus! I’d say that solidified my status as a bona fide FAN! Hit after hit and wall to wall bangers that I would play on high rotation while I was trying to psych myself up for my end of year exams in high school. I love this track especially for its pure power ballad awesomeness and those haunting lyrics. Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy!

(*honourable mention to fab Swede rockers, Europe!)

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  1. The ringtone for when my husband calls me is “Listen to your heart” 🙂 90’s music is EVERYTHING. This post made me smile bright and early in the morning, so thanks for that.

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