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Glamourflage Gina Glam BB Cream Review


 *This post has been sponsored by Glamourflage – all opinions are 100% my own.

Sweet? Trust me, nothing about Gina falls even remotely under that heading.  She plays by her own set of rules and no-one else has a copy, yes Gina is used to having her cake and eating it and licking the mixing bowl too!  Whilst she may not look for trouble – when it comes calling she is never out of earshot.  She collects shoes like a swamp collects mosquitoes and wears high-heels at all times – even her Wellingtons have them!!

With a description like that I was dying to try the new Gina Glam BB Cream-Oil Control by my old favourites, Glamourflage – the fun and flirty Melbourne based make-up company that infuses quality skincare and make-up with the personality and class of a 40s/50s pin-up girl.

Just recently I’ve been on the hunt for a light-weight BB cream to use this summer. My rosacea has slowly been clearing up (hurrah!) and I’m after a product that’ll cover the redness but still give me that “no make-up” make-up look. I had all my fingers crossed that Gina Glam would help a sister out!


What I adore most about Gina Glam BB Cream is the compact. This BB cream comes in a pump-pack compact pan with a fabulously soft sponge for easy application. I’ve never seen a BB cream that wasn’t in a tube so this is a gorgeous twist. The fact that there isn’t any wastage as you would with a regular tube gets a big thumbs up from me. With a couple of pumps of the silver disc in the compact (below) little beads of this super smooth formula ooze out. It’s so much fun to watch!


What I wasn’t a fan of was the shade. Unfortunately Gina Glam only comes in one colour <insert extremely sad face here>. As you can see from the pics below it washes me out and leaves me with a ghostly finish. This is definitely one for the lighter skinned gals out there! I so wish it was one to two shades darker and then we’d be in business because I love the creaminess and easy use of this product. Alas, this isn’t the BB cream for me…the hunt continues!


Gina Glam BB Cream-Oil Control retails online for $44.95 and comes with an extra (bonus!!) refillable pan.

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