Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Lou Reed


Lou Reed

I must admit I was a fan of Lou Reed’s way before I’d even heard any of his music. Truth be told, I was fixated on his and The Velvet Underground’s involvement with Andy Warhol and the whole Factory scene. We all know what a huge Warhol nut I am so it should come as no surprise that any obsession of Andy’s would rub off on me.

Back in the mid 60s Warhol put together the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, a performance art based group which consisted of music by The Velvet Underground and screenings of Warhol’s movies as well as dance and other trippy shit thrown in for good measure. That collaboration inspired Reed for years to come and he wrote quite a few songs about Andy and their friendship.

So years after only reading about Lou Reed I thought I’d better get my hands on some of his music and what better album to start with than Transformer, which was produced by David Bowie. Of course I knew songs like Walk On The Wild Side (hello, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch sampled it on their one and only album Music For The People and YES I proudly owned it!) but now I knew who these songs were based on and written about.


Lou & Andy

I love that Lou’s voice was unconventional and unpolished and that he was a HUGE influence on so many artists from Patti Smith to Metallica. Seeing that Andy was such a huge influence on Lou I wanted to share one of his many songs that he wrote about Warhol. Happy Sunday dollface and enjoy!

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  1. Still love Venus In Furs after all these years. Was listening to The Velvet Underground just before I became a huge fan of The Doors. Everything leads to something else, Dollface.

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