OOTD: Ready, Set, Play!


In a classic Melbourne, blink and you’ll miss it moment we had the best weather all season this past weekend. Gorgeously warm days that were begging for a little bare-legged action and some much needed soaking up of that glorious vitamin D! What better way to bare those legs than with an adorable little playsuit?!



I bought this playsuit waaaaaaaay before Frocktober but haven’t had a chance (more like Mother Nature wasn’t playing nice) to whip it on.  I actually forgot about it amongst the chaos of all the dresses and I hung it straight into my wardrobe – something I never do! When I buy a new item it’s always popped on a hanger and put out in clear sight in my bedroom so I can start formulating outfit ideas and blog posts.




So you could say that I got an early Christmas present rediscovering this gem in my wardrobe. I love that it’s super lightweight and doesn’t have any buttons or zippers, just a little tie up bow at the back. Just in time for summer, HURRAH!

Although, sometimes wearing a onesie/playsuit can get a little awkward as I discovered after coming out of a movie and needing to go to the bathroom. So tell me, how do you tie/zip/button up your own playsuit when said tie/zip/button is  in an awkward spot? If you have any hot tips PLEASE let me know. We’re coming into the festive season which means plenty of funsies and social drinkies and I’d hate to skip out on my wearing this cute playsuit for fear of not being able to get it back on again!



Playsuit + Sandals: Kmart (similar) // Boater + Bag: Sportsgirl

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