Sunday Sessions; The Soundtrack to My Life – Depeche Mode


Depeche Mode

You all know I’m a rocker chick deep down and that my heart beats to the sound of a fabulous rock guitar solo, but sometimes there’s nothing quite like an electronica dance beat and keyboard ensemble that sets my soul on fire.

As with most of my musical discoveries I happened upon Depeche Mode back at uni. Up until that point I think I’d only ever known their overly bubble-gum sweet pop hit Just Can’t Get Enough and thought that all their music would be über 80s pop. I was very surprised to learn that they were a lot harder and super intense. Something about their edgy lyrics and heavily laden synth pop/rock sound really spoke to me. Coming off the back of listening to a lot of Bowie, New Order and Kraftwerk in late high school it seemed only natural that Depeche Mode would fit right in.

As with most music, it ebbs and flows and you tend listen to new stuff (or in my case new OLD stuff) and you forget how much you love a certain band. This was the case with me and Depeche Mode. About six months ago I watched a live show they’d recorded somewhere in Europe and once again I was mesmerised. They’ve all gone through their own shit (lead singer, Dave Gahan is a recovering heroin addict) and have managed to come out the other side sounding better than ever.


English electronica emperors!

If you were lucky enough to attend one of our uni house parties back in the day then you’d know that no party was complete without playing this track! This particular live version was very popular and I daresay that a few drinks were spilt on the kitchen lino from over zealous 80s inspired dancing. This Sunday grab your melodica and come join me in the kitchen (although I’ll probably be drinking a coffee and not a vodka cruiser!) and boogie along to this classic – enjoy dollface.

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  1. I loved Depeche mode in the mid 80s and yes it definitely takes me back to a time in my life – I think they were 3rd or 4th band I saw live in London (16 or 17) – definitely got edgier over the years – and always good live though. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

      • I really hope you get to see them. I’ve not seen them live for a decade or so – I’ll look out for tour dates – You’ll laugh when I tell you first band I saw… In 1983… When they were v young and wearing jeans and check shirts – U2 🙂

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