OOTD: I’m Not Gonna Write You A Love Song!


Okay, don’t get me wrong. I luuuuuurve love! I think if you’re lucky enough to have found that special someone who makes you feel all gooey inside then that’s pretty damn awesome. I also think that if you haven’t found that special person it may just be that those special people actually tend to be major dickheads and instead you’re stupidly happy being on your own (I know, crazy right?!).

I just don’t understand why we need one dedicated day to tell someone you love them and shower them with expensive flowers and chocolates. Personally, I’d rather you didn’t tell me how you felt on the 14th of February and instead lavish me with love and affection the other 364 days of the year.

I think we should be celebrating love everyday, especially with the world we live in! Listen up dollface; I love all you crazy cats today, but even more so tomorrow and even waaaaay into March. Come April though I may have to reassess!




You know what else I love (aside from a silly segue)? A jersey knit dress that is comfy AF, has stripes AND a love heart! I bought this adorable dress online and couldn’t wait to wear it because I haven’t had a knit dress in the longest time. This dress is ridiculously cozy and makes me feel all snug and warm and HEY it may just melt my cold, cynical heart.


Are you a lover of Valentine’s Day or are you a major cynic like me?


Dress: asos // Shoes: The Iconic // Bag: Colette (similar)

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  1. Love you all the days of the year!!! And I love that dress and shoes combo too. Sending kisses!!! {And imaginary margaritas, though we will have a real one together one day I swear!!!} xxx

  2. We usually have a nice dinner at home, maybe some wine and watch a movie, but don’t do anything big. Then I get these gorgeous flowers delivered to work today :O He has not sent me flowers once in 10 years of being together. I totally expect to go home and find another bike or dog or something hahaha.

  3. (Not so frenetic) Knit dresses are okay—looks good. For some insight on older couples…check out my recently published VALENTINE FAVORITES., among other poems for today. My wife got copies of all the latest except what I wrote tonight! Those were her valentine!

Now it's your turn...let me know what you think. I love reading your comments! :)

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