OOTD: Paint It Black ~ Day Six

If you’re on to a good thing stick to it, isn’t that what they say? Well it sure has worked for Anna Wintour and that bob of hers so I’m embracing my inner-Anna and sticking with my favourite ensemble; all-black and denim!

This is an outfit I can definitely see myself wearing regularly, especially with the added bonus of some leather into the mix. It makes me feel like a bad-ass rocker chick!

Speaking of which, I saw a pic on Instagram the other day asking the question; “If you could step in as the lead singer of one band, you would be the singer for…”

…and that really stumped me! Obviously you have the talent and ability (neither of which I possess!) to rock people’s socks off. It’s a tough one, right? I guess I would step in for Debbie Harry in Blondie or even add some female flair to hard rockers Faith No More? Hmmmm, dunno, it really is a tough choice for a music obsessed/rock star wannabe like me!

Who would you step in for?

Moto Jacket: Cotton On (similar) // Blouse: Knot & Crop // Jeans: Kmart // Heels: Chinese Laundry (similar)

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  1. GOOD TO SEE YOU SHOWING YOUR EXCELLENT FASHION SENSE! I’ve “returned to duty” at BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD…Couldn’t stand not getting all that attention from cute fashion icons like you…! The muted shine of the jacket and that honking-big ring sure help defuse the dull dark. A front zipper is very intriguing…but I won’t touch it—promise! AS USUAL you prove that fabulous fashion comes and shows herself in formidable smallish packages! ❤

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